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Pond maintenance is extremely importantPosted 3.1.2016

A water feature, if properly designed and executed, is actually quite low-maintenance. However, Mother Nature often needs a little help regardless of how good the pond is. Tampa pond maintenance companies are well aware that the needs of a pond are slightly different at different time of the year.

For the greatest majority of homeowners who have constructed a pond on their property the objective is to provide a certain sense of peace and solitude, people do not build a pond because they want to give themselves more work. Being aware of what it takes to ensure that the pond remains clear and healthy is one of the secrets, scheduling professional service for your pond is a wise move that will save time and money in the long run as timely intervention can reduce costly cleanouts and unnecessarily large amount of chemicals.

Often homeowners look at a beautiful pond thinking to themselves they are little more than a hole in the ground full of water that they care for themselves, although a well maintained pond might be low maintenance there is no such thing as a maintenance free pond.

Over time organic waste from pond plants, leaves falling from surrounding trees, etc will rot, sinking to bottom to form sludge. If this is allowed to build up eventually it can release harmful gas and cause unwelcome odors; if left unattended it can cause fish death and eventually destroy the ecological balance of the pond.

When you are searching for Tampa pond maintenance companies you should be looking for one that can deal with biological, chemical as well as mechanical weed control, water clarification and proper aeration. It is extremely important that the company you hire to ensure that your pond remains clean, healthy and beautiful has in-depth knowledge of water quality.

To ensure that the pond water remains healthy regular maintenance and servicing of the diffuser systems is necessary. It is the diffuser that circulates the water, increases the oxygen content as well as helps with the reduction of sludge.

For those pond owners who desire controlling aquatic weeds using a biological approach the maintenance company they employ must be in a position to stock the pond with fish and to maintain an effective fish barrier.

When a pond is sited correctly, the water is kept healthy and Tampa pond maintenance companies are actively involved in weed control and water clarification you can be assured of a water feature that adds greatly to your enjoyment as well as the value of your home.

If you are looking for Tampa pond maintenance companies look no further than Charles Aquatics, Inc. The professionals at Charles Aquatics use various approved methods to control algae and weed growth as well as offer installation, maintenance and repair of fountains and aeration systems.