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How to Manage Aquatic WeedsPosted 5.26.2016

Proper construction and design of ponds includes a vital factor in preventive weed control. Those weeds may spread to deeper water. Banks must be steeply sloped so that little water is under 2 feet to 3 feet deep.

Mechanical Control

Weed cutters that can be used underwater with motors are available and may be utilized for controlling of plants such as watermilfoil and waterlilies. Some mowers just trim the weeds loose under the surface of the water. Aquatic weed harvesters gather weeds for removal. Harvested weed disposal may be an issue. Many mechanical control techniques fragment weeds. Most weed species may spread then reproduce from those pieces.

Habitat Alteration and Cultural Control

Specific techniques of altering or manipulating the aquatic atmosphere may be efficient in Aquatic Weed Control in Ponds. A successful method includes the drawdown approach where water levels are decreased over the winter season. Sediment exposure within the shallow places of a pond or lake to alternate thawing and freezing acts will destroy the underground rhizomes of most weeds.

Biological Control

Multiple fish species are herbivorous in that their main diet includes aquatic vegetation. The grass carp, one such species, is being tested in different regions of the U.S. and is legal in many states. But, it’s illegal to present the fish to the lakes, ponds, and streams of most states. Check with your state or local fisheries department for laws concerning grass carp.

Control with Herbicides

Chemicals utilized in Aquatic Weed Control in Ponds are categorized as herbicides. Herbicides primarily used to control algae might be named algaecides, though they additionally destroy other aquatic plants. For many aquatic weed issues, correctly-used herbicides will control vegetation without having to harm the fish. Aquatic herbicides are efficient and usually used to control aquatic vegetation.

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